Nike’s latest brand extension – the common plaster?

Nike’s latest brand extension – the common plaster?

Lou Ellerton, our resident Kids expert, spots an unexpected new twist on Nike’s brand essence in China.


To celebrate Children’s Day in China, Nike has launched a new promotion especially designed to help kids play harder. It’s one of those brand extensions that seems strange at first glance, but on further consideration you wonder why no-one thought of before.


The ‘Badge of Honour’ plasters are designed to encourage over-protective parents to let their kids get outside and get playing, even if it means the odd tumble. Created by Wieden + Kennedy Shanghai, customers can get one of four themed sets – basketball, running, skateboarding & football – with purchases from Nike’s Young Athletes range. Each set tells the story of an athlete who ‘takes a licking and keeps on ticking’, making them an unusual and fun storytelling vehicle.

Suggesting injury as an area around which to innovate at a Nike workshop feels a little like recommending that tech giants go into healthcare: there’s a clear rationale, but it feels like an unlikely step. But the brand’s investment and perceived expertise in sport at all levels and of all kinds surely gives it credibility – at least beyond the medical profession – when it comes to helping you get back on track.


Of course, Nike’s Badges of Honour are at the moment just a limited promotional tactic. In a world where parents will happily buy plasters branded with their children’s favourite TV characters, though, perhaps there’s an opportunity to translate that idea for tweens and young adults? If so, remember: you read it here first…