To drive innovation in insights, we need innovation in culture

To drive innovation in insights, we need innovation in culture

Liana Gregorians on insight innovation and today’s GRIT report.


Today’s Greenbook Research Industry Trends report names the top 25 most innovative client companies of 2017, as voted for by the global research community.


The top 5 spots are shared this year by companies in FMCG and Tech – the former a sector that is depending ever more on deep and distinctive insight to drive differentiation, and the latter still exploring all the eye-opening possibilities that data can offer.

Unilever takes the top spot, thanks to an Insights community that has long advocated pushing the boundaries of insight and research: constantly challenging teams to find innovative tools and perspectives to enrich their insight and drive competitive advantage. In good company, Coca-Cola and PepsiCo come in at numbers 3 and 5 respectively, while the remainder of the top tier is filled by data-Goliaths Google and Facebook.


In 2015, we ran a study with client-side decision makers which revealed that internal issues were seen as a bigger barrier to innovation and growth than external factors. Marketers and the Insight community are usually curious and innovative by nature, but it can be hard to bring a whole organisation along with you. We identified some key learnings that can create a real culture of innovation – equally applicable to driving innovation in your internal ways of working as your consumer propositions – and which we’ve seen put into action in our work with a number of these top 5 brands.


Check out the full GRIT report for more detail on the rankings, as well as thoughts on what’s driving the future of research: from ROI to automation to the importance of quality consultancy that can make sense of the increasingly complex insights picture. And if you’d like to talk about how to get more out of your insights, we’d love to chat.