“Just an event” – or the first step of your brand transformation?

“Just an event” – or the first step of your brand transformation?

In this week’s blog post, Emelie Jansater follows up on a previous post ‘How Empty Storefronts will Fuel Brand Stretch’, which talked about how challenged brick and mortar stores can repurpose their physical space to stretch their brand from retail to experiences.

Whilst video game retailer Game created gaming zones equipped with cutting-edge equipment and moved from retail to entertainment – this year has seen many other retailers starting to offer a wide range of experiences:


As seen from these examples, the type of experience that retailers offer can range from fitness to education, but should not be chosen randomly and based on a creative whim – it is critical for determining the future space your brand could stretch into. The decision needs to be based on your brand essence and long-term strategy; should your brand be stretching into the wider landscape of knowledge & education, entertainment, craft or fitness & wellness?

Have the brands outlined above considered this when choosing their experiences? Some certainly seem to have – and you can see how they will be able to move into these spaces as credible players.

What’s important to bear in mind is that it’s not “just an event”; it’s your first move of transforming your brand from a physical retailer to a lifestyle brand.

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