Making Impact: the entrepreneur’s guide to brand stretch

Making Impact: the entrepreneur’s guide to brand stretch

The theme of the 2018 MRS Conference was Impact. It lived up to its name. We walked away with a clearer sense of the big challenges, niggling problems, and opportunities that will have the most impact on brand owners and insight teams in 2018 and beyond.

Across the conference some big themes emerged:

1. Data, trust and privacy (or the lack thereof) for the public and agencies alike

2. Harnessing, but not being overwhelmed by, the power of AI and the algorithm

3. Seeking out new partnerships with non-competing brands

4. Not losing the human & cultural side of insight in the stories we tell

5. And redefining where brands play in order to find growth in new places

The last point struck us as particularly relevant, because it was also the reason we were there. We at Mash had the pleasure of running a session at the conference sharing our point of view on the next generation of Brand Stretch.

Brand stretch is more relevant than ever today as businesses look to go far beyond where traditional innovation would take them and stretch into entirely new categories, services or experiences in the hard-won search for growth.

Our approach to brand stretch at Mash is rooted in harnessing entrepreneurial principles. This means focusing on mission and purpose as much as capabilities; disrupting markets rather than simply entering them; and using the power of platforms to stretch at scale (while avoiding a significant chunk of traditional costs).

At the conference, we ran an ‘entrepreneurial bootcamp’ where in 1 hour we created blueprints for brand stretch for each of our delegates – turning brand missions into plans for disruption.

We’re pleased to say the feedback was great – and we’ll be looking to share more perspectives in the weeks to come.

Look out on this blog for content and interviews from our experts, including Andrew Grahame, co-founder of Mr and Mrs Smith; Ben Brown, an entrepreneur disrupting retail; and Rekha Mehr MBE, who’s led some of the UK’s biggest start-up accelerator programmes (as well as launching a few businesses herself).

And given the overwhelmingly positive feedback we’ve had from clients at the event, we’re taking this show on the road. If you’re interested in Mash bringing our 1-hour Entrepreneurial Bootcamp to your business, free of charge, click below to register for more info.