June at Mash: we’ve been thinking about…

June at Mash: we’ve been thinking about…

Looking for some brain food? At Mash, we get together every few weeks to talk about big brand news, emerging trends shaping consumers’ worlds, and bounce around ideas on the latest thinking from brand stretch to portfolio strategy to design. 

World Cup fever has certainly manifested itself here in the studio and World Cup brand initiatives have got us talking. We’ve also been seeking inspiration from across the pond with our New York team sharing some interesting brand activities they’ve been spotting.

So, from Gary Lineker looking suited and booted to a gender-neutral store in New York, here is a snap shot of some of the conversations that caught our attention most:

We loved TM Lewin’s subtle and sophisticated nod towards the footballing Summer with their new brand ambassador Gary Lineker looking ‘crisp’ in their shirts….

The Phluid Project’s ambition of ‘empowering individuals to be themselves’ through a gender-neutral clothing suitable for all marks a shift in typical ‘Men’s’ and ‘Women’s’ clothing. We wonder how long it will be before more brands adopt similar retail environments and clothing options…

Pladis’ Better Biscuit’ initiative had us talking about how brands could innovate further with retailers, not just consumers – especially to reach new audiences.

Ikea is always a hot topic in the Studio, but this week our newest Masher Phoebe shared her love for the brand. Its commitment (and success) in delivering a simple promise – ‘A better everyday life for many people’ – makes it an  brand powerhouse with a huge engine for innovation and stretch. It seems for the moment at least… it can do no wrong in our eyes!


Keep an eye out for July’s update… you never know – if England can actually win the World Cup we’d be expecting some very interesting brand activity!