The L Word: recapturing the magic of Discovery

The L Word: recapturing the magic of Discovery

In our Luxury Redefined blog series, we are looking at the 4 Ds of luxury: four key themes that brands can leverage to meet the needs and aspirations of tomorrows’ consumers.

This week, Consultant Emily Simons explores the power of DISCOVERY (n.): 
the process of finding information, a place or an object – especially for the first time.

There is an inexplicable joy in discovering something you’ve never seen before – or seeing something again with fresh eyes. It’s one of the reasons art captures our hearts and imaginations; it’s why we are willing to invest both financially and emotionally in images, objects and experiences that might otherwise hold no inherent value.

DISCOVERY as a concept is not new, but it is becoming more aspirational among a generation of curious, conscious Millennials who are constantly looking to get more out of life. In a world where technology enables instant access to materials, objects, perspectives and places, we have become somewhat blasé about the extraordinary. Life has become a little less mysterious – and that is what the new spirit of DISCOVERY seeks to recapture.

DISCOVERY of tomorrow is about finding the magic in the ordinary and the extraordinary, and opening doors to consumers with creativity, connection and conversation. The new DISCOVERY doesn’t require radical reinvention; its value exists in the individual perspective, and how we create experiences that unfold and capture the imagination.

And importantly, DISCOVERY is no longer just about exclusivity: tomorrow’s luxury consumers will be hungrier than ever to find stories, people and treasures that help educate or open the mind. DISCOVERY can be spontaneous, or searched for; individual or shared. But ultimately, in the new world of luxury it’s about self-actualisation – helping you understand yourself, or the world in which we live, that little bit better.

Brands leading the way with DISCOVERY include…

  • Fashion boutique Matches Fashion, who recently opened 5 Carlos Place in Mayfair, London – a townhouse which hosted a series of inspirational and educational events, such as panel discussions, book signings, supperclubs and intimate concerts to bring people together to share experiences and new ideas. And as well as the more exclusive physical experience, Matches also live-streamed events and broadcast podcasts to involve their wider digital community in the conversations that were taking place.
  • Second-hand luxury online marketplace Vestiaire Collective, who recently launched a pop-up in Selfridges introducing clients to treasures of times past, with experts on hand to offer advice on select pieces of the vintage collection. Consumers were guided through their own journey of discovery, and helped to find curated pieces that will soon become a timeless and meaningful part of their own wardrobe.
  • Travel brands such as Small Luxury Hotels of the World, who design self-discovery holidays aimed at helping clients unplug, learn a new skill, discover the hidden corners of a new country, or simply reconnect with loved ones off-grid.

DISCOVERY has the ability to delight and inspire consumers across categories, from travel to technology to luxury fashion. How can your brand bring forth a new perspective or experience, in thought or in feeling, and help bring back the magic of seeing something for the very first time?

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