The L Word: the new meaning of Distinction

The L Word: the new meaning of Distinction

In our Luxury Redefined blog series, we are looking at the 4 Ds of luxury: four key themes that brands can leverage to meet the needs and aspirations of tomorrows’ consumers.

This week, Consultant Phoebe Checker explores the power of DISTINCTION (n.): excellence that sets someone or something apart from others.

In times gone by, an iconic logo, excellent craftsmanship and a high price point were enough to distinguish an elite brand or product from the many. But luxury as we once knew it has moved on, and so have its consumers.

For the luxury consumer of today, choice is a way to express their individuality, rather than their wealth, social standing or cohort. Their desire for quality now transcends the material, and they place high value on the intangible: the experiences they can treasure, the stories and memories they can share with the world.

And while a lust for the exclusive, the inaccessible and the rare still exists, this is no longer about obtaining that which others cannot afford or physically access. It requires something more.

As these new desires among luxury consumers intensify and evolve, brands will have to work harder to create experiences with real DISTINCTION if they want to remain relevant.

DISTINCTION is about delivering something truly unique, that elevates an individual, rather than their cohort. This means going on a journey with them – unearthing and celebrating what makes them special to create something truly bespoke.

It’s about achieving excellence throughout the entire journey –  where the process of exploration, discovery and creation holds as much value as the final product and becomes the experience to be treasured and shared.

And, finally DISTINCTION is about helping your consumer discover the undiscovered. Acquiring something that never has been experienced by anyone else – whether material or immaterial. This is something that can belong to them, and only them.

Creating experiences with true DISTINCTION is not easy. It requires re-thinking the journey you want your consumer to go on, while delivering something that is still of the highest quality. But, if successful, DISTINCTION has the power to truly elevate your brand and cut through in the complex world of luxury.

Let’s take a look at some of ways brands are catering to a desire for DISTINCTION….

  • Black Tomato is a luxury travel company that sets out to uncover rare, unexplored experiences for their clients. Their ultra-luxe service, Blink, gives clients the chance to design their own temporary experience in locations so private and untouched that no one else will have stayed there before – and never will again in the same way. From chic safari-style tents overlooking the Mekong River to lunar-like bubbles on the Bolivian Altiplano. Their slogan is: “There for a moment and then gone. Blink and you’ll miss it.”
  • Illuminum is a British fine fragrance collection that views scent as an open-ended adventure in self-expression. Where other perfume houses ask customers to identify with a market idea of who they are, Illuminum’s aim is to make customers the star of a transformative process of personal discovery, where they become “the author of their own meaningful encounter with fragrance.” This process takes place in their London ‘grotto’: a grey room without branding or graphics, where scents are found in blown glass bowls hanging from the ceiling in order to encourage an intuitive experience with the scents.
  • 1 Atelier is a premier custom luxury brand with one goal: “We want to bring the joy and fun back into luxury, elevating and celebrating the individual.” Customers are taken through a creative process in order to create a luxury accessory from start to finish, with the close of support of the brands design experts. Digital innovation is paired with exquisite materials and craftsmanship to deliver an impeccable and streamline experience and completely bespoke product of the highest quality.

In a world where DISTINCTION means more than just quality, how can your brand deliver the inimitable experience of the truly unique?

Join us next week to discover the final ‘D’ of Luxury Redefined…

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