We have helped a wide range of brands accelerate growth

Growth Strategy
Brand Transformation

Killing your own category and brand

We combined academic ‘art of criticism’ thinking with a creative incubator process that engaged the entrepreneurial ecosystem. This helped Unilever Household Care to develop a set of really challenging future scenarios with the potential to disrupt and destroy their business

Creating a demand model for growth

We combined a 26-market U&A with tribes-based and occasion-based analysis and from this, created a consumer demand space model to help Unilever Ice Cream to shape their portfolio strategy and transform their brand comms

Winning in a discounter world

We combined consumer insight work with an audit of cross-category brand models to help PepsiCo develop a portfolio of value propositions to win in discounters

Shaping the future of laughter

We combined qualitative and quantitative audience research with cultural insight work across a dozen markets to help Comedy Central understand how the meaning of laughter differs across cultures and how to position their brand to tap into this on a global basis

Connecting with a new generation

We combined an analysis of existing research with stretchy thinking from a rich mix of experts to help the Unilever Deos CMI team get a closer, more holistic understanding of ‘Gen Z’ and how to engage a new generation with the world of deos

Shaping up in smart weight management

We combined existing insight, global inspiration, semiotics, language mapping and fresh qualitative research to help Pladis refresh the brand positioning and innovation pipeline for go ahead! to resonate with the changing expectations of a weight manager

Driving change in the money transfer market

We created a segmentation that helped TransferWise place consumers at the heart of their growth strategy and shape the evolution of their marketing campaigns

Design next season’s growth strategy

We combined a needs-based segmentation of the Lyst target consumer with a magazine-style internal comms campaign to help Lyst engage their internal team with a new consumer-centric approach to their growth strategy

Creating a burning platform

We combined creative ‘skunk teams’ ideation with a ‘future shock’ documentary style film that dramatized the danger of the status quo, to help the Unilever Laundry Discover team create far-out future ideas and get them signed off for investment by the senior marketing team

Innovating for a new occasion

We combined fast and slow creativity techniques while collaborating with a diverse team of creatives and illustrators on a two-day creative boot camp to help the PepsiCo team generate and bring to life ideas to introduce Walkers to new consumption occasions

Innovating through deeper consumer insight

We created inspiring and emotive platforms for innovation, which led to exciting new product concepts rooted in powerful consumer insights

Understanding the levers of premium

We combined leading-edge blogger research, academic cultural models, and rigorous desk research to help Unilever Ice Cream develop a simple framework for winning in premium in markets ranging from China to the UK

Navigate the Path to Purchase

We combined retail trends analysis with qual and quant shopper touchpoint research to help Samsung Europe develop a framework for understanding the path to purchase and how to allocate finite spend across proliferating touchpoints to maximise impact

The future of music in a digital age

We combined mobile ethnography, quantitative work and strategic insight to help Warner Music create a clear roadmap for how the world of music will change and explore their best commercial opportunities for growth moving forward

Creating an art power brand

We combined audience insight with segmentation, case study analysis and a program of internal engagement to help TEFAF develop a new vision and positioning that transforms them from a leading organiser to an art power brand

Agile working in a corporate environment

We combined leading entrepreneurial working methods with an understanding of corporate objectives to help the global Fruit Shoot team create an agile toolkit that will embed new ways of working to deliver faster & more successful innovation